The First Flame and The Great War

اولین شعله و اولین جنگ

چرا داستان کوتاه

داستان کوتاه، یکی از راه‌های تقویت زبان انگلیسی برای سطح‌های مختلف است. میدونیم که درک مطلب، یاد گرفتن لغات جدید و دستور زبان از مزایای خوندن داستان‌های کوتاه هستن.

نکته قابل توجه اینه که وقتی داستان کوتاه رو میخونیم، زمان زیادی از ما نمیگیره و باعث میشه اشتیاق بیشتری به خوندن نشون بدیم. و همچنین، نباید یادمون بره که توی این قبیل تمرین‌ها، اولین و مهمترین هدف ما افزایش مهارت درک مطلب ما هست، نه یادگیری همه لغت‌ها و گرامرها!!

پس، زمان خودتون رو برای پیدا کردن لغت‌ها نزارین و فقط روی اینکه مفهوم کلی رو بفهمین تمرکز کنین!!

البته، نگران لغت‌های جدید هم نباشین، ما براتون تقلبش رو گذاشتیم 🙂

با سری اول داستان کوتاه شروع میکنیم. راستی این مجموعه داستان‌های بهم پیوسته هم داره که میتونین اگر خوشتون اومد دنبال کنین!! 🙂

The First Flame and The Great War

In ancient times, the world had no light, no darkness, no life, and no death. It was an endless grey land. On the surface lived only the dragons. These dragons were immortal, with scales made of indestructible stone. And a crystal of life that prevented them from being harmed in any way
Underneath the surface, there was a race of creatures known as pygmies. They were lifeless humanoids that wandered without purpose. Until one day, a flame of unknown origin appeared. This flame gave the world light, but also darkness, it gave the world life, but also death. And it contained the very essence of existence, souls!

Four of the pygmies, strong willed and determined to have power, took souls from the flame for themselves. Gwyn took the Light Soul, the witch named Izalith took the Life Soul, Nito took the Death Soul, and a forgotten pygmy, deemed too weak to be remembered, knowing the power of it, took the Dark Soul…

The three pygmies shared their newfound souls with the rest of the pygmies and created a new race, calling themselves “The Lords”. The lords decided that it was time for the dragons to stop ruling the world. So they prepared themselves, traveled to the surface, and launched an attack on the dragons, not knowing they’re immortal. The lords were on the verge of defeat, and they would’ve fallen, if it wasn’t for a betrayal among the dragons. Seath, a mortal dragon without the scales of his brethren, was never accepted by the dragons. He saw this as an opportunity to be accepted by someone. He stole the crystal of life from the dragons and told the lords the single way of breaking through their stone scales, lightning.

Gwyn and his knights brought down their scales with lightning, Izalith and her seven daughters burned down their homes, Nito brought a cloud of death and disease upon them. And after a long and hard battle, the dragons were no more. And thus began The Age of Fire. And the lords, on top of the dead bodies of the dragons, created the land of Lordran…

To Be Continued

حالا با هم!!

برای اینکه تمرین کنیم، توی قسمت از متن بیشتر بدونین، هم چندتا لغت سخت رو براتون معنی کردیم و هم چندتا سوال پرسیدیم. سوالات رو اگر بتونین جواب بدین، درک مطلبتون عالیه! 🙂

اگر سوال و مشکلی هم داشتین، بعد از اینکه ثبت نام کردین، برای ما این زیر بنویسین!

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