The Rise of the Lordran and the Creation of Humanity

ظهور لردران و خلقت بشریت

قسمت اول داستان کوتاه رو با هم خوندیم و لغات جدیدش رو تمرین کردیم. توی این بخش، قسمت بعدی رو با هم میخونیم و کلماتش رو یاد میگیریم.

البته حواسمون هست که هدف ما درک مطلبه، پس اگه لغتی رو بلد نبودین هیچ بهش گیر ندین 🙂

Chapter Two: The Rise of the Lordran and the Creation of Humanity

Gwyn became the head of power, and at the very top of Lordran, built Anor Londo. His family included his firstborn son, whose name is not known, his younger son Gwyndolin and his daughter Gwynevere. The safety of Anor Londo and its citizens was the responsibility of the Silver Knights and the Giants. Little is known about the giants, all we know is that they had very large physique, were very skilled in blacksmithing and were very close to the lords.

The witch Izalith and her daughters went deep into the ground and underneath it, created the city of Izalith, a city brimming with flame, heat and life. For centuries, Izalith was the center of trading and business.

After the fall of the dragons, Nito no longer saw purpose in wandering the world, so he went even deeper than Izalith and in an absolute darkness, built the Tomb of the Gods. And there, he fell into a never ending sleep and took responsibility for the death of all living creatures.

And Seath, his help was appreciated by the lords; therefore Gwyn made him The Duke of Anor Londo and gifted him a castle to live in, which was later referred to as The Dukes Archives. There Seath spent centuries trying to find a way to become immortal.

And at last the forgotten pygmy, Manus. Aware of the power of the dark soul, and believing that one day darkness will take over light, tore his soul into thousands of pieces. The pieces of the dark soul wandered and wandered, out of Lordran and to the ruins of what was once the battlefield of the Great War, and they found the remaining pygmies. Each piece of the dark soul found itself a body and then, humanity was created. Humans spread quickly, and founded kingdoms separated from Lordran. Kingdoms like Astora, Carim, Torolond, Bernite, Catarina and Vinheim were the greatest of these kingdoms. Some humans however, saw the lords as their gods, and within Lordran created Olacile. A minority of humans went down to Izalith and made it their home. And a select few of humans were permitted to enter Anor Londo. Manus, filled with joy by seeing how his children have grown, made his way to Olacile and fell asleep in the depths of the kingdom.

The unpredictable nature of humanity and the fact that unlike the lords, their souls were of darkness were the reasons the lords didn’t trust humans and so every human that wanted to enter Anor Londo had to pass specific trials to prove their worthiness. But as time passed by, this distrust slowly faded away and there were instances of friendship between humans and lords. The closest friend to Gwyn was Bishop Havel. Havel and his fellow knights were the greatest warriors of humanity, with armors made of stone and great hammers made of dragon teeth. But Gwyn and Havel had one major disagreement, The Duke of Anor Londo,  Seath the Scaleless. In his entire life Havel had no feeling towards him except the flame of hatred that set fire to his soul.

In the kingdoms of Astora and Torolond, humans made religions worshiping the lords. The Way of White and The Warriors of Sunlight. The bishops of the way of white served Lord Gwyn, and the warriors of sunlight served his firstborn, who was known as their God of War. There was so much trust between the lords and humans that Gwyn built them a city near Anor Londo and made four of the humans its kings and gifted each of them a piece of his own soul. The kingdom was later called New Londo. It was the golden age for both the lords and humans, until the lords faced a terrifying threat. The first flame was fading, and with it the power of the lords

To Be Continued

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ما یکسری لغت براتون توی بخش تقلب! گذاشتیم که بد نیست یه نگاهی بهشون بندازین و باز متن رو بخونین. بعد از دونستن این لغتا متن رو بهتر و عمیقتر متوجه میشین.

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